A Message from our Founder

Cliques are often associated with exclusive clubs that only include certain people. And STYLED CLIQUE was created to change that. I grew up wanting to be in a certain clique—the NYC fashion clique, the cool girl clique, the one that felt out of reach. And the closest I ever got to those, was by browsing my mothers’ Vogue magazines.

But I didn’t look like the women in the magazines and I wanted to. I wanted to dress like them, with confidence, on trend, modern, but I didn’t have the budget or the body or even the know-how to create looks.

So, I dug into these insights, and guess what? Turns out clients, friends, family…all women have experienced these feelings of insecurity and not fitting in.

My truth? Women feel confident when they fit in. When we fit in our clothes, fit in with the trends, and fit in socially.

Welcome to STYLED CLIQUE; the click that fits.

Michele M. Bishop,