Being a part of a “clique” is like wearing the perfect pair of jeans; both give you the confidence and courage to be yourself and shine.  That’s how I feel around these ladies.  This is my “clique”. On any given weekend you’ll find us hanging out in my garage (yes garage…we converted it into a bar) shooting darts, playing cards, or singing karaoke.  Hence, #garagecrew.  All you need is one good friend who lifts you up when you’re down and laughs with you on the daily.  I thank my lucky stars that I have ALL of  these beauties by my side.  SO when marketing tells me that I need to have a more “visible” on-line presence, I turned to my clique for help…safety in numbers, I guess. lol    This photo shoot was all about spring 2019 fashion, friends, and body types.  Each of these beauties are unique.  Each have different personalities and body type so I wanted to highlight their differences through clothing.  Next few posts will be dedicated to my girls and their fashion.  Read their stories and shop their looks!

NICOLE:  Tall, model type!  She’s the “mother of the year” in our group.

“Not only is Nic. beautiful, but I also think she has led her life facing many challenges and always makes the best decisions for herself and her family, putting them ahead of everything else. A model for us all!” -AMY

“bosslady- hard worker, multitasker. Seems to have it together. Alpha” – LAUREN

I could’t agree more.  She’s fab!  Dressing her is easy and she is open to anything.  She has a free spirit / boho way about her so this fringe skirt screamed her name!  The denim jacket adds a bit of toughness/rebelness to the outfit and the pink shoes just make it POP.  A cool  floral pair would also bring this to the next level.


MARLENA:  She is the absolute silliest/funniest girl you will ever meet. Quick witted!   Her nickname should be “call for a good time”.  She is the one you want around to cheer you up when things get tough.  She is on the petite side.  Her body is also a bit athletic/rectangle-meaning she needs to focus on defining the waist.   I wanted to dress her in a head-to-toe loud print however, two days before this shoot I was notified that her outfit would not make it in time for this shoot…..boooo!  I pulled some extra items so this outfit was an improvise.  Marlena looked great. The cargo pants fit her like a glove and she is wearing my shirt (looks better on her than me).  I just wished she had on a more colorful outfit to fit her vibrant personality.  Still outfit is versatile and cargo’s are having a major moment!


AMY: Free spirit, mellow, positive, loyal, and down-to-earth.  This girl has been my biggest fan and cheerleader not only in life but with this business.

BODY AND STYLE:  5.9″ with awesome legs!  Like to minimize her mid-section.  curvy type.  She loves to dress boho but is willing to mix it up depending on her mood.  She originally was supposed to wear my outfit (green floral) however she looked better in this outfit than me!  lol   Top looked stunning-very HER.  She was getting over a surgery so we tried not to put “pressure” on her waist.  Despite this, she still looked like a rockstar.


LAUREN:  Compassionate to the max!  Loves animals and wine!  Can be soft spoken but has the best sense of humor….loves to laugh at dumb things!

BODY AND STYLE:  Not afraid of color or a pattern.  She is tall with long lean legs.  Shorter torso and board shoulders.  Focuses on minimizing her waist.  These pants were made for her.  The stripes help to minimize a strong shoulder while the pants emphasize her long lean legs.


JOYCE:  “WISE! She may not be the oldest of our crew, but Joyce always has the best advice and holds down our fort. She like our Mama Bear! -AMY,  yeah, she said it best!  Joyce will ALWAYS have your back no matter what!  She is a “more the merrier type” that loves to play games and entertain.  Family first for this one and that is evident because her grown 20 something kids are always around her.

BODY AND STYLE:  Curvy sexy Latina gal!  She loves to be comfortable.  Lives in sneakers!  She has a NYC edge (from Queens).  This dress can be worn as a skirt as well.  Joyce loves jackets and blazers and accessories!


COURTNEY:  Can have a hard shell if you don’t know her but she’s all mush inside!  She’s a life long rocker, rebel, and wild child.  She’s a true bad ass / no BS or gossip.

BODY AND STYLE:  Tiny body – perfect no fat I swear!  She dresses with an edge and never bet a shade of black she didn’t like.  Minimalist.  This outfit screams her in everyway.  Notice the chain belt and neon accents.  She rocked this look!


ME:  I am 5.8″ and curvy.  My butt and thighs can be challenging at time.  Sometimes I have to size up to accommodate my curves which leaves extra fabric around my waist.  Needless to say, the tailor is my friend.  Pants with stretch also seem to fit better.  Generally, I never size down when stretch is involved.    I like to take risks with fashion and I am not afraid of “loud” prints or colors.  I like to mix styles and always incorporate an unexpected element to keep things interesting.  I love accessories however, this outfit stands out so much that no accessories are needed.  I pair heels with almost everything!